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Who We Are

OM SHIV LOGISTIC SERVICES is a complete logistics solutions company capable of freight movement to almost anywhere in India. With our local network of collaborative partners and a fleet of contract transportation vehicles, we ensure totally hassle-free and speedy shipment of cargo from pick-up to delivery points.

A decades of experience in the transport and logistics industry is not only a source of confidence for us but also a reason to continuously improve and expand. Building upon this vast experience and knowledge, today we have developed into an all-under-one-roof services company. "Safely and Timely" are the two guiding principles we follow to the core to deliver all your consignments.

We have made sure that all the steps from pick up to delivery are simple and designed to free you from worries and tensions over in-transit safety of your cargo. At the sametime our costs are the most competitive and shipment is always designed in accordance with your specific needs.


Your satisfaction is our reward and objective.

Our Teams

Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks.